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 Operations Report 09282012

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PostSubject: Operations Report 09282012   Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:50 am

Night ops crew:

Lone Wolf
Syntax Error

dod - Login 0530 -5GMT Kamenka (bunny)
7-10 players on the Private server, several notorious -ll- members, Server owner LostT77
Procede to NWAF via Pavlovo, Zelenorgorsk, Vybor (no body, never looking again) Find blue van. -Probable -ll- Chopper overhead, probably saw me, damn damn damn... Escape to Lapatino!

Lone Wolf - Login 0700 Vybor (armed)

Lone Wolf, dod meet at Vybor, go exploring for chopper. No chopper

Murksman - Login 0710 Starry Sobor (armed).
Advises alternate chopper location, no chopper. Proceeds to Op Charlie (Classified)

LW, dod find smoking crashed vehicles, loot. Proceed to Op Charlie.

Lone Wolf - Log off Op Charlie

Server population 4.

Murksman, dod proceed to crashes in blue van loot, 80% military, NVG Sad return to Op Charlie

Murksman - Logoff Op Charlie

dod proceeds to gas station for fuel in blue van

Cauldwell - dropped off at gas station by Server admin in a tittsy black Escalade (this vehicle is STRICTLY OFF LIMITS, server owner, LostT77 is everyone's friend/neutral[believe me I totally want to swipe it, but we can't{FUCK!!!}]) (Armed)

nsKb - Login Cherno (bunny)
nsKb - Logout for chopper flight training in Arma.
nsKb - Login in for pickup.

Syntax Error - Login Starry Sobor (Armed)
Proceeds to NWAF for likely chopper, loot.

Cauldwell dod proceed to Cherno in blue van, pickup nsKb, proceed to NWAF for chopper recon

Bootz - Login Op Bravo motorcycle
Proceeds to NWAF for chopper recon.

nsKb, Cauldwell, dod, Bootz, Syntax meet at unfueled but mint CHOPPER! Fuel chopper. nsKb fresh out of flight school pilots chopper to classified (forgotton) location, Cauldwell is crew chief.

Murksman - Login Starry Sobor (Armed)

Ben - Login Starry Sobor (Armed)

Syntax and Bootz on bike proceed to Op Charlie

dod in Blue Van proceeds to starry sobor to pick up Ben and Murksman. Proceed to Op Charlie.

Several members of rival -ll- clan - Login all over the fucking place in the NW and god knows where else.

All meet at Op Charlie, organize gear, store bike and van, get in chopper. Murksman pilot. Recon/Theft mission to far NW possible -ll- base/choppers. Find small camp, two vehicles, tent, loot. Cauldwell takes Blue van to South for later meetup. Everyone else in chopper, proceed West from 000 000ish.

Ben - Logout Bumblefuck Egypt (Armed and with 2 Jerry Cans, c'mon put them in the chopper...)

-ll- Main Base spotted, 8-10 vehicles, Chopper. nsKb, Syntax Error, Bootz, dod on the ground. Dust off Murksman in the chopper. nsKb to -ll- chopper, minor repairs, dust off, two birds in the air.

Cauldwell - Vybor refueling. Comes under heavy enemy fire, -ll- chopper. Falls. Spawns on coast.

Chopper 2 (nsKb) to coast to pick up Cauldwell. Chopper 1 to (location classified)

Bootz, dod, Syntax assess enemy vehichles. dod takes camo jeep and with 2 DMRs, Syntax and Bootz take loaded Ural, many military weapons, ammo, tents, tools.

-ll- chopper finds Syntax and Bootz, destroy Ural with all their guns and fall under superior enemy forces in superior position.

dod Avoids -ll- chopper in jeep somehow despite furious enemy chopper recon, recon abates, nsKb and Cauldwell provide air support in chopper 2 until dod is safe distance, proceed to (location classified) to park chopper and await pickup by chopper 1. Chopper 1 to pick up bunnies Cauldwell, Bootz, and Syntax, then pickup nsKb at Chopper 2.

dod proceeds to Op Bravo in Camo Jeep (Keep your mitts off!!!)

Chopper 1 to Berezhino Factory for refueling. Dust off to drops at Op Bravo and Op Charlie for strategic personnel placement.

Chopper 1 to (location classified)

Logoff - 0400AM -5GMT

After the game I visited the -ll- Teamspeak to chitchat with our fine and worthy opponents (all nice guys really). They want their fucking Chopper and Jeep back and will be scouring for them, and congratulated us on our raid. I also discovered that because of the route we took from Op Charlie to the far west, we flew over Vybor in hearing range of them at NWAF where they were conducting ops and waiting for us! Because of this they flew South to find us, but once we were West we went far North, completely flanking them. Cauldwell provided a fortuitous decoy by driving back South, because they followed him, giving us time to raid their main base, and nearly get away scott free, but a camo jeep and a chopper plus a destroyed Ural, and the message we are here to play are a huge win for us. Shit just got real though, so be paranoid. We may soon be joined by a third clan as well, according to the -ll- guys, so this game is just starting.


Cauldwell - Extreme bravery under fire, under zombie attack, and crucial self-sacrifice. He took us to Chopper 1, saved my ass from zombies in Cherno, saved my ass from helis behind enemy lines, and did just about everything you could ask of a soldier.

nsKb - Went to flight school when we had no qualified pilot, went to NWAF which is the heart of danger, and where we have suffered many casualties, removed Chopper 1 from NWAF, removed Chopper 2 from enemy base, provided impressive air support in all situations, especially mine, and flew his pimp ass off while managing not to crash or lag out at all the right times.

Everyone really came together tonight, after several long long nights of playing (3:00AM minimum logoff) scouring, looting, and plundering, plus mild successes and some cold defeats by pretty much the above cast of characters with several appearances by Mango, Rubiconn, and others we finally scored a big blow to the -ll- bandit forces. Congratulations to everyone involved and excellent team work! I enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to improvement and further success in all areas.


Op Alpha - Abandoned (We shall return!)
Op Bravo - Ural, camo jeep, ATV, 2 motorcycles, tent.
Op Charlie - Ural, blue van, squad car, tent .
Gun and ammo up the wazoo, food and medical supplies at Op Charlie, medical supplies and gear at Op Bravo


Tools tools tools, maps, compasses, GPSs, Binocs, Rangefinders, NVGs Always get this shit and bring it to a camp.
NVGs NVGs NVGs We need to collect these ASAP for night ops. Do not keep them on you when you log out and do not lose them on you during the day! Leave them in an Ural. If you have to run 7 clicks to a base, run there. This is a top top top priority. These appear to be the rarest item in the game along with range finders.
AS50s, and long range sniper weapons and their ammo. Please leave these in trucks. Please try and limit use of super premium weapons. I know everyone wants to be armed to the teeth all the time, but the fact is that these items are rarities here, and too valuable to lose at this time. We need to stockpile them in hidden mobile bases for larger battles. Try and limit fire teams of 5 or less to one sniper rifle. Gear smart. This isn't (thankfully) dupe heaven like the public servers.
We need to try and move the Urals frequently. NCOs and up should move the mobile bases to well hidden locations nightly and park them in clusters of trees and bushes and relay the coordinates to others before logging off if if possible. Large bases are dead because everyone is going to have choppers. We need to increase our map smarts.
Silenced weapons. I noticed that the -ll- guys really like their silenced weapons. Great for zombie patrol and all around close combat. Never hear the damned -ll- guys until they're firing at you from who knows where.
Day players. Once we get night time capability we will need players that can play during the day, which is night on the server. This will quickly become the choice time for most critical clandestine ops. Day players will be a premium. I know we have several, but always be on the lookout for quality talent. Everyone can recruit. We need to start upping our presence here.

Good fucking game everyone!
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Operations Report 09282012
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