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 Rules and Stuff that came to my attention

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PostSubject: Rules and Stuff that came to my attention   Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:31 pm

If your inactive and your a Commanding Officer, You better be posting, If I do not see activity, and you do not post you will be inactive for a period of time, I WILL remove you from my roster.

Secondly, The new Private Hive we play in, Under our Team Rankings, There are Unverified symbols and Verified symbols, If your unverified and in that server, Prepare for suspension, if you did not know, Then this is your only warning and you need to speak with Commissioned Officers for Admittance.

Thirdly, Vehicles. We work hard, especially some of the CO's and myself work for hours gaining a Ural or a Chopper. You have no right to go out there and die and lose our vehicle. If you are caught taking our vehicle without a Commanding Officer's Permission, Expect some type of Suspension, Demotion, Or Verification Suspending.

Fourth, LYING is NOT TOLERATED. If you Commit Blue on Blue, (Friendly Fire) and you know it, Admit it Immediately and apologize and do not lie about it. While in game, report your position, keep your ears open for your team mates reports. If you do not respond to a radio call, you SHOULD be shot. If you lie to us, its an automatic Un-verification, if it happens a second time, you will be Discharged from the Regiment.

Non Commissioned Officers - AKA NCO's DO NOT HAVE POWERS to grant Vehicle Use. Enlisted soldiers, listen to the NCO's They are your immediate Sense of orders.
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Rules and Stuff that came to my attention
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